born in Kampala, Uganda.
a) My name: Abdul-Aziz Batende

b) I was born in Uganda (Mulago hospital)

c) My Daddy was an Ugandan but he has died on 15-03-99, I didn't go for the burial. My mummy is living.

d) I went to school and I finished primary level, then I went to secondary school up to form 4, I didn't complete form 6 because my family was out of money.

e) While schooling I was in a drama section and music section. After my schooling I had no job to do, I joined one group in Uganda which was called THE SEVEN STAR GROUP DANCING, and the group collapsed; I formed my own group called THE NEW IMAGE DANCING GROUP plus acrobats, I worked with my group for two years, while performing in different schools and clubs, but bad enough, as a group leader I was arrested by the government because I had no licence to run my people, in case of danger, I had no insurance, I was put in jail for one month.
When I was released I went to Kenya to join other groups in Mombasa Island, I did good but as you always know there's no place which is better than home, so I came back to Uganda with a new style of dances, for example the Zulu Dances, the Masai Dance which is in the photo you have when I'm carrying the spear and shield. I even dance the Caribbean dance, but I lack promotion so when I came back from Kenya I started performing in different clubs around the capital city of Uganda.
One day there was a celebration to mark 30 years of Organisation of African Unity (OAU), I volunteered myself to entertain them and I was allowed to put up my show on that day, but to shock you the majority who were on that occasion didn't believe their eyes because what I did was new to there eyes and they cheered me up, after finishing they called me again to close the celebration, I had only shs 2,000/= but left the place when I'm having shs30,000/= which I couldn't believe myself. And the next morning I saw myself in the newspaper, when they're saying that the Masai dancer was the STAR OF THE DAY, and he's invited at GRAND IMPERIAL HOTEL to stage the same show, to mark the environment week, and I was invited by the big man in the army of Uganda
i.e. MAJOR GENERAL ELLY TUMWIINE, and the next day I saw myself in the newspaper again. So when the hotel saw that I was hot, they gave me a job under that big man the major, but bad enough I'm not paid, I was paid for only three months, and that was in 1997. Up to this present time I am not paid apart from getting a plate of food and a bottle of soda after performance.
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