Appeal to Industry, Trade and Service Companies Worldwide

Ladies and Gentlemen

We would like to draw your attention to the Qafila-t-as Salamt - a cultural project that tries to connect art and politics on a global level. Further information about this project can be obtained from our website,

The Qafila-t-as Salamt has already found attention and support on a high political level, but not yet to the extent it takes to get the caravan started. Therefore, we decided to address this global appeal to industry, trade and services, asking for material support of the caravan: A broad range of aspects have to be covered to realize this project, and we are sure that any company interested can find its part how to help the caravan on its way.

Besides a detailed feasibility study, we have already developed a first calculation for the caravan, summing up to an amount of US$........ We will be more than happy to send these documents to you - simply contact

Below you will find suggestions / examples what different companies could do to support the realization of this project:

  1. Airlines could offer free transport for participants and / or material of the Qafila-t-as Salamt

  2. The automobile industry could sponsor trucks, jeeps, etc. for the desert.

  3. Mineral water firms could give 0,05 € per sold bottle of mineral water to the Qafila-t-as Salam.

  4. The electronic branch could …. hardware, software and technical support needed for the preparation and realization of the Qafila-t-as Salam.

  5. Public relation agencies could regard it as their duty to spread the idea of the Qafila-t-as Salam parallel to every project they deal with.

  6. Space and Defense could guarantee a certain amount they sponsor, a part of the total sum needed. This certain amount will be due when the total amount has been signed by different companies.

  7. etc.

Please think of the kind of support your company can offer. - We are looking forward to an overwhelming reaction from you! Send your inputs to - Thank you very, very much for your interest.

With kind regards

Claudia, Christof
and the whole team.