Appeal to Artists Worldwide

Dear Collegues

We would like to invite you to take part in the Qafila-t-as Salamt - a cultural project that tries to connect art and politics on a global level.

For further information, please visit our website
You will find the actual status of the project in the file "News".

Presently, our organization team tries to win sponsors from industry, trade and services. Parallel to that, you can support our initiative by joining our "virtual caravan":

  1. Send your biography and a presentation
    of your creative work in English to

  2. Please send us your personal view on the country you live in. That means, please express your individual impression of your home country in the field of art you work in. For questions of technique and compatibility, please contact

  3. Submit your idea for a concrete individual or collective art project that could be realized during the Qafila-t-as Salamt in English to In the course of the virtual caravan, many different ideas will be suggested on our website. All of you are heartly invited to take part in one or the other project you favour. On the platform of our homepage, you will be in direct contact and exchange with the other artists later on.

  4. Last not least, we would like to ask you to give one of your works of art to the Qafila-t-as Salamt in order to give some material support to get the whole thing started.

We are looking forward to an overwhelming reaction from you! Please send your first feedback to

Thank you very, very much for your interest.

With kind regards

Claudia, Christof
and the whole team.