The caravan's supply of water is one of its biggest logistical problems. Although our way will lead us from the River Niger to the River Nile, we have to pass 4.000 kilometres of desert territory in between. Paths through the desert have always been leading from well to well, but even if it would be possible theoretically to cover our need of water from these wells, we could never do that at all: we can't invade the desert and deprive the domiciled people who periodically suffer from water-shortages and droughts of their little stock of water. Doing that would contravene diametrically the caravan's aims. After all, a group of nearly 300 people consumes around one cubic metre (or 1.000 litres) of water every day only for drinking-water.
Therefore we petitioned the Libyan government via its Embassy in Germany for subsidizing Qafila-t-as-Salam by providing all the water needed. Libya which built a man-made river to drain off fossil ground-water beneath the desert disposes of a more voluminous provision of water than the other countries in that region, and Libyan politicians have explicitly welcomed our plan for the Qafila-t-as-Salam.
Libya's answer to our request has not yet come to end.